Can’t be said enough.


One of the guys at training started a ‘private twitter’ just after he found out about this blog. He basically out his feelings out there like I have been able to on here, unforutnely he forget to actually set it to private and it was linked to his phone so every contact received a message saying about his new twitter.. This aside and the failure of it! I feel proud to have inspired someone with my blog and it changed someone’s views and perceptions, that’s what I set out to achieve!

Holiday Ideas

Basically I have no idea where I want to go this summer so I am asking people to either comment or message me a mini pitch about where your from or somewhere you have been that you want to share with me and the world. I am not sure even what trip I am interested in. Beach? City? Mountain! I have done pretty much all of these but I have enjoyed each on in different ways, one of my ideas is to try scaling a volcano and hot springs in Iceland. So PLEASE leave some suggestions